Curtain Track and Systems

Curtain track systems are exceptional tools for sectioning off parts of a room or creating an enclosed space within a designated area. Industries across the world utilize privacy curtains in their everyday operations. Hospitals and medical offices use them to enhance patient privacy. Educational institutions install privacy curtains in locker rooms and commercial office buildings use them to give their employees additional privacy within their cubicles.

If you’re looking to purchase new curtain tracks and systems for your business, we invite you to browse our extensive selection of high-quality privacy solutions. Covoc curtain tracks and systems are used in nearly 50,000 locations throughout more than 20 countries. Each product is manufactured with durable materials and is designed to be a functional and aesthetic addition to any space.

17 Curtain Track Variations

Every business has a unique set of needs and Covoc can provide curtain tracks and systems to meet them all. Customers from all walks of life have utilized our privacy curtains in professional applications and within their own personal homes. There is no limit to the number of ways a curtain track system can redesign an area and transform a space to meet your ever-changing needs.

Covoc high-quality curtain tracks are available in over a dozen different configurations that cater to any sized space. Our track variations include:

  • Straight Tracks: Simple and sizable from 6' to 20', our straight tracks are ready for use in any space imaginable.
  • Single-Angle Tracks: If a straight track acts as a parallel partition, a single-angle track allows you to create a corner at a 45° or 90° angle. These tracks are great for creating a sectioned off space within any room.
  • Dual-Angle Tracks: These tracks feature two 45° or 90° angles. Dual-angle tracks include three lines of curtain track that are ideal for sectioning off an area within a room, such as around individual hospital beds in a multi-bed room.
  • Multi-Angle Tracks: These function similar to dual-angle tracks, however, because the track can include multiple angles, the enclosure can be fitted to create enclosures around uniquely shaped spaces.
  • Oval Tracks: Oval shaped tracks provide complete curtain enclosure.
  • Radius Tracks: Unlike our straight tracks, Covoc radius tracks are designed to fit around a door. The single continuous arc curves on radii of 48, 60 or 72 inches.
  • Flexible Tracks: For spaces that require fitting for small radius curves, we’re happy to provide You Bend It flexible I-beam tracks. These tracks can be curved by hand and are suited to fit tight corners.


Our tracks are available in black, white and aluminum finishes. Track lengths for most configurations can range from 2'-12'. Optional track accessories can be added on to increase the functionality and versatility of the curtain tracks.

Cubical Track Accessories

Along with our curtains and track systems, we offer a wide selection of cubical track accessories to quickly and conveniently enhance the privacy of your space. Our accessories include:

  • Roller carriers with hook (no track)
  • Roller carriers with bead chain and hook
  • Spool carriers with hook
  • Button glide with hook
  • Nylon glide with hook
  • Pop out carriers
  • Beaded drop chains
  • Batons
  • Wall mount brackets
  • Swivel clip installation brackets

No matter your unique needs, Covoc can supply you with the privacy curtains, tracks and accessories your business requires.

Covoc Curtain Tracks — Frequently Asked Questions

To provide the highest level of customer service, we want to make sure all our customers are confident with their purchase. Covoc believes in transparency and is happy to provide our clients with detailed information about our products and services. The following questions are popular inquiries many of our customers have had when considering the installation of a new Covoc curtain track system.  

What comes with the curtain track?  

Each Covoc privacy curtain track comes with the following:

  • Three #8780 roller carriers that include hooks for each foot of track
  • One #8785 end stop with pullout
  • One #8790 end stop with pullout

Are privacy curtain tracks available in angles of varying degrees?

We are happy to provide both 45° and 90° angle curves for our curtain tracks. The radius of both curves will be 14”.  We can create curtain track angles of other degrees as well. To do this, send us a template of the angle so we can ensure a perfectly matched final product.

Can I cut or bend the curtain tracks?

The You Bend It flexible I-beam tracks can be bent by hand, however, all other Covoc curtain tracks cannot be bent. These tracks are manufactured from rigid anodized aluminum for high performance. Any attempt to bend them will result in a compressed channel that cannot accommodate the rollers. Because these curtain tracks are aluminum, they can be cut to size with a hacksaw or electric chop saw.

Do you supply carriers that will fit non-Covoc curtain tracks?

All of our carriers are designed to fit our #8770 manufactured curtain tracks. If you have an existing curtain track from another manufacturer and need replacement carriers, we may be able to provide you with a solution.

Can I return my curtain track?

Covoc is happy to accept returns if the item is returned in the same condition it was purchased. Our customer service associates will be able to provide you with a Return Authorization number. All items returned are subject to a 25% re-stocking charge and the customer is responsible for return shipping charges.

If you have any additional questions or would like more information about our industry-leading products, feel free to contact us. One of our friendly associates will be happy to provide you with answers to all your questions.


Track Measuring Instructions

If you’re considering purchasing new privacy curtains for your business, it’s critical that you first determine the measurements for the area you want to be concealed. Failure to gather accurate measurements can result in a track that is incorrectly sized.

When measuring, view the track as if you were looking down from the ceiling. As you plan the design of your track, be mindful of floor and ceiling obstructions such as ventilation covers, fire sprinklers, light fixtures and electrical outlets. Measure out the width and length of the designated area. Be sure to measure straight lines; our factory will make the necessary allowance for the corner bends.

Our privacy curtain tracks are aluminum and can be easily cut with a saw. If you’re uncertain about the size of track needed for your space, you can add a few inches extra to your measurements so that you may cut the track to the exact size required. For assistance in designing the track to meet your needs, our experts at Covoc will be happy to help you. If you are looking for hospital curtain tracks we have that covered for you as well.

High-Quality Curtain Tracks & Systems

As the leading U.S. manufacturer and global distributor of custom patient-privacy cubicle curtains, Covoc has helped provide comfortable environments for people around the globe. For over fifty years, we’ve been dedicated to offering customer service that exceeds expectations and products that redefine excellence in the industry.

Using the latest technology, Covoc produces high-quality curtains that beautifully blend function and fashion. Our stylish curtains, sturdy tracks and adaptive accessories create innovative privacy solutions that are ideal for any space configuration.