How do I measure for hospital curtain tracks and privacy curtains?

Click here for privacy curtain measuring instructions
Click here for curtain track measuring instructions

It is usually easiest to measure the cubicle / hospital curtain track or area as if the track were lying on the floor and you were standing above it looking down at the track (plan view). The track is aluminum and can be cut with a hack saw or electric chop saw, so when you provide measurements, you might want to add a few inches so you can trim the curtain track to fit. Also, if your layout is more complicated than a straight track or a simple L-shape, feel free to make a sketch and fax or email it to us along with your measurements.

What comes with the privacy curtain track?

In addition to the track channel, each cubicle/hospital curtain track comes with three (3) #8780 roller carriers with hooks for each foot of track. For example, 10-ft. track comes with 30 carriers. Each track also comes with one #8785 end stop and one #8790 end stop with pullout. If we cut the cubicle/hospital curtain track for shipping, we will include one splice for each cut made, at no additional charge.

What is an L-shape cubicle/hospital curtain track?

An L-shape cubicle / hospital curtain track has one 90º bend. The radius of the bend is 14". Please note the 14" radius is fixed. It cannot be varied.

Can the cubicle/hospital curtain track be curved using a different angle than 90º?

Yes, we can make the curve 45º, but the radius is still 14". For any cubicle/hospital curtain track request other than 90º or 45º, we require that you provide a template so we can verify the bend. This is simply a craft paper or butcher paper tracing of your angle so we can match the track curve to the template before we ship it to you. The template can be rolled or folded for easier shipping to us.

Can I bend the hospital/cubicle curtain track?

No, you cannot bend the hospital/cubicle curtain track it is manufactured from rigid anodized aluminum. If you attempt to bend the track yourself, the channel will compress so the rollers will not operate freely.

Can I cut the hospital/cubicle curtain track?

Yes, the hospital/cubicle curtain track is aluminum and can be cut with a hack saw or electric chop saw.

If my hospital/cubicle curtain track is cut for shipping, how do I put the pieces back together?

All hospital/cubicle curtain tracks that are cut for shipping will be shipped with splices or joining sleeves that help align the track sections. Slide the track sections into the splice and make sure both ends of the track butt tightly together. Put a screw through the track on each side of the cut so the two pieces stay securely together inside the splice.

What is suspended hospital/cubicle curtain track?

When you have light fixtures, vents or other obstructions that impact the layout of your hospital/cubicle curtain track, you can suspend the track below the ceiling to avoid the obstructions. We can provide ¾" square suspension tubing along with ceiling and track brackets to mount the track at a level height below the ceiling. We also provide wall brackets to anchor the ends of the hospital/cubicle curtain track where it ends at a wall. Click this link to see the suspension parts.

Do you have carriers for hospital/cubicle curtain tracks other than those you provide?

We manufacture our own hospital/cubicle curtain tracks and our carriers are designed to fit our #8770 track. If you have another manufacturer's track already installed, we may be able to assist you with replacement carriers. Click here for some common carriers. If you don't see your carrier, email us a picture (or put one on your copy machine and fax us the copy) and we'll try to identify it and provide you with a quote. Click here for contact information..

What size should my hospital/cubicle curtain be?

We recommend the cubicle / hospital curtain be at least 10 percent wider than the track size. For example, for a 10-ft. track, we recommend an 11-ft. curtain. The extra 10 percent in width provides enough fabric so when the curtain is hanging itis not flat like a sheet and doesn't pull away from the other end. Most hospital/cubicle curtains finish approximately 12" above the floor so they provide privacy but are out of the way for floor cleaning. Keep in mind our curtains are made to order so if you don't see the size you want online, please contact us for pricing. We will make the curtain to whatever size specifications you need.

Can I get a sample of the cubicle/hospital curtain fabric?

Yes, we can mail you a sample cutting of the fabric(s) you are considering. Since we have so many pattern and color combinations, we do ask that you narrow down your selections to a maximum of five samples per request.

What is a cubicle/hospital curtain mesh heading?

Our nylon mesh has ½" diagonal holes in compliance with current fire code, comes in two colors (white and tusk) and is available in a variety of lengths. You can see examples of our cubicle/hospital curtain mesh in the pictures here. If you have fire sprinklers in your ceiling, fire code requires that your curtain not block the water spraying from an activated sprinkler. The most common solution is to have a mesh heading on the cubicle/hospital curtain.

Are the cubicle/hospital curtains flame resistant and washable?

Yes, all of our hospital/cubicle curtain fabrics are made from 100% inherently flame resistant polyester. They are also washable up to 160° F.

When will my order ship?

Our standard lead time is 4-7 days for cubicle curtain tracks only, and 2-3 weeks after receipt of order for cubicle/hospital curtains (or curtains and tracks). If you have an urgent need, we do offer a Quick Ship program, which is found here. We also offer some clearance curtains here.

What shipping methods are available?

Our standard shipping is via UPS Ground. Track is cut for shipping, however, if you prefer your track to be uncut and it is too large to ship UPS Ground, it can be shipped via motor freight. We also offer UPS 2nd Day Air shipping and UPS Next Day Air shipping. These shipping options are offered at checkout.

Can my order be rushed?

Yes, we offer a Quick Ship program here. You have the option of selecting an expedited shipping service such as UPS Next Day Air or UPS 2nd Day Air for an additional charge.

Can I return the cubicle/hospital curtain track I purchased?

Yes, cubicle/hospital curtain tracks are returnable subject to a re-stocking charge of 25%. The condition of returned items must be as if they were brand new, and the customer is responsible for return shipping charges. Please contact us at (800) 725-3266 for a Return Authorization number prior to shipping any returns.

Can I return the cubicle/hospital curtain I purchased?

No, cubicle / hospital curtains are made to order and are not returnable. Please measure and order carefully. If you are unsure about a fabric pattern or color, please request a sample before ordering.