Measuring instructions for cubicle tracks

Download printable pdf

When planning the design of your cubicle track:

  • Always view the track as if you are looking down from the ceiling (architectural view)
  • Be aware of obstructions such as light fixtures, vents, fire sprinklers
  • Review cubicle track diagrams for examples of typical track layouts. Use any one or combination of these to create your own layout

When ordering cubicle track:

  • Specify shape of each track and the measurement for each section of track.
  • It may be necessary to fax a rough sketch of your layout so that we can bend the track properly to fit your application.
  • Indicate the quantity desired.

Please note:

  • Standard bends are 90 degrees or 45 degrees.
  • Track is curved on 14" radius. Custom bends are available on request.
  • Oversized tracks may be cut for shipping.
  • Splicers will be supplied.


Proper measurement is critical to ensuring your new cubicle track works for your space. Follow the steps and call us at 1-800-725-3266 if you need assistance.