Healthcare: Medical Privacy Curtains

Covoc privacy curtains are used in nearly 50,000 locations around the world. For the last half of a century, our made to order privacy solutions have met the needs of business owners throughout a variety of industries from commercial businesses to educational and medical facilities. In fact, cubicle curtains are widely used throughout the entire healthcare industry to provide patients with the necessary privacy they need. There’s no debate: medical privacy curtains are essential for every hospital, clinic and private practice.

Privacy Curtains for Medical Facilities

Medical privacy curtains manufactured by Covoc are the ideal privacy solution for the healthcare industry. Available in dozens of colors and patterns, many of our privacy curtains are made with either antimicrobial or eco-friendly fabrics. Our curtain tracks can be configured to meet the spatial needs of any facility. We also carry a variety of track accessories such as roller carriers, glides, drop chains and batons.  

We understand that some facilities may want the option to discard their curtains as needed. Covoc caters to these needs by providing disposable curtains. Available in cases of thirty, these curtains are made with 100% non-woven Polypropylene that is recyclable. They are non-leaching and contain no heavy metals or chemicals. Many facilities use Covoc disposable curtains in areas of frequent contamination such as emergency rooms, critical and intensive care units, isolation rooms and more.

For hospitals or clinics that have an immediate need for privacy curtains, Covoc offers quick ship curtains that can be shipped within four business days. All of our quick ship curtains are antimicrobial and come in a handful of stylish colors like Sundance Bluemoon, Sundance Chablis, Sundance Graphite, Sundance Mink and Sundance Taupe.

Shower Curtains for Patient Bathrooms

One area of a patient’s room that can’t be overlooked is the bathroom. In order to meet the need for ample privacy and convenience, these spaces require shower curtains that are easy for patients to utilize and for employees to clean. Thankfully, Covoc can cover your patient’s privacy needs within their bathrooms too. Our shower curtains are stylish and functional additions to any medical facility.

Our heavy-duty shower curtains are ideal for patient bathrooms in any healthcare facility. These high-quality curtains can withstand the demands of a hospital, leading to lower replacement costs. Built-in antimicrobial protection endures throughout the life of this tear-resistant fabric. Odor-resistant and stain-resistant, it can be easily wiped down with soap, water or a mild cleaning agent to remove bacteria. The anti-static Antistat formulation also prevents the build-up of electrostatic charges.

Shower shield curtains from Covoc are also antimicrobial and flame resistant. They can be effortlessly washed on permanent press and tumble dried. These stylish shower shield curtains are available in a number of color options including: Snow, Cream, Café, Buff, Doeskin, Palm, Blue Moon and Shadow.

Covoc’s selection of clear vinyl curtains is perfect for commercial and residential applications. Various healthcare facilities, including independent living, assisted living, continuous care, and skilled nursing facilities, have found these durable, double polished clear vinyl curtains to be easy to use and care for.

Blackout Curtains for Patient Rooms

Though medical privacy curtains are excellent tools that allow a patient to remain undisturbed, there’s another distraction that could affect their ability to rest: light. The intrusion of light, whether exterior light from windows or interior light from hallways or neighboring patients, can prevent an individual from maximizing rest in a comfortable space. Since uninterrupted sleep is a necessity for healing, it’s important that these needs are continually met.

Covoc  blackout curtains are the ideal privacy solution for this problem. These stylish curtains are extremely effective at blocking intrusions of light. Our veil room darkening curtains and valances are inherently flame resistant and washable. They’re available in sizes ranging from 66”x72” to 282”x120” and come in an array of colors including Putty, Gold, Ginger, Woodrose, Lilac, Cinnamon, Burgundy, Sage, Stem, Palm, Paradise, Powder, and Black.

Window Treatments for Hospital Waiting Rooms

With Covoc medical privacy curtains, you provide your patients with ample privacy in their rooms. However, you also must ensure that you’re providing these individuals and their friends and family with adequate privacy solutions in common areas. Settings like waiting rooms, atriums and lobbies need to be comfortable, inviting spaces for them to sit and rest.

Covoc window coverings can offer a number of benefits to your facility. Our draperies, window shades, horizontal and vertical blinds will decrease the amount of intruding light that can create an uncomfortably bright or warm waiting area. Our window treatments also ensure that outside visibility into your facility is limited, further protecting the privacy of your patients.

I.V. Tracks and Components for Hospitals

Our commitment to producing and delivering the best products and privacy solutions includes providing hospitals with I.V. track systems and components. Covoc I.V. tracks and accessories are convenient and easy to use tools for doctor’s offices, operating rooms and intensive care units. Track configurations include straight, U-shaped and oval variations. Our selection of I.V. accessories includes wall mounts, bottle holders, and I.V. hooks. No matter your needs, Covoc has your hospital covered.

Covoc Medical Privacy Curtains

In nearly 50,000 locations throughout 20 countries, Covoc’s industry-leading privacy solutions have served medical facilities for over 50 years. As the leading manufacturer and global distributor of custom medical privacy curtains in the United States, we continue to dedicate our time, energy and expertise to provide our customers with the best products and first-rate service. If your hospital, clinic, private practice or doctor’s office requires curtains, window coverings or I.V. track systems, trust Covoc to supply you with the finest privacy solutions.