Medical Curtain Track and Privacy Curtains

Over the last fifty years, Covoc has proudly provided more than twenty countries with the finest privacy solutions. These functional and stylish curtains have a long-standing reputation for creating efficient privacy solutions that are custom-fit to any space configuration. From schools and office buildings to businesses and more, our privacy curtain tracks and accessories are relied on in over 50,000 locations across a spectrum of industries. One of the most useful applications for our industry-leading privacy curtains and track accessories is within a medical clinic or hospital.

Privacy Curtains Throughout the Hospital

Privacy is a resource your hospital can’t afford to compromise. Patients need private areas to heal, rest and comfortably speak to their friends and family. They also need to be able to discuss their medical status in confidence with nurses, physicians, and other hospital personnel.

Covoc’s medical curtain track is the ideal installation to provide your patients with the privacy they need during their stay at your hospital. Our curtain tracks can perfectly fit a variety of space configurations. We offer our medical curtain tracks in a range of sizes that will accommodate any area within a medical facility. Our track selections include:

  • Straight tracks
  • Multi-angled tracks
  • Oval shaped tracks
  • Radius tracks for doorways

Blackout Curtains

Covoc’s versatile range of privacy solutions caters to every aspect of your hospital or medical facility. Along with our medical curtain track and privacy curtain accessories, we also provide room darkening curtains that enhance the darkness of a designated space. These curtains can be used to block the incoming light from exterior windows and limit the intrusion of interior lighting.

  • Colors available: Putty, Gold, Ginger, Woodrose, Lilac, Cinnamon, Burgundy, Sage, Stem, Palm, Paradise, Powder, Navy, Black

Shower Curtains

Every area of a patient’s room needs to provide effortless functionality and accessibility while ensuring adequate patient privacy every step of the way. Covoc manufactures commercial-grade shower curtains that are the ideal combination of style and quality. Our clear vinyl shower curtains are designed with durable, 12 mil. polished clear vinyl. All of our hospital shower curtains are available in custom sizes that are easy to clean and care for.

Our shower shield shower curtains are made from 100% polyester fabric that is flame resistant and microbial.

  • Colors available: Snow, Cream, Café, Buff, Doeskin, Palm, Blue Moon, Shadow
  • Widths: 66” – 282”
  • Height: 72” – 120”

Our durable heavy duty vinyl shower curtains are stain and odor resistant. This high-performance fabric is also antimicrobial and antistatic.

  • Colors available: White, Translucent, Dune, Fawn, Light Blue, Seagrass, Pewter, Black
  • Widths: 66” – 282”
  • Height: 72” – 120”
  • Optional header mesh available in white or beige color

All of our shower curtains are available in two styles: with mesh and without. Those without mesh are solid fabric curtain panels. 20” of nylon mesh can be added to the heading of the curtain to comply with fire sprinkler code requirements.     

I.V. Track and Components

At Covoc, we understand that the priorities of hospital personnel should not be unnecessarily obstructed by equipment. That’s why we’ve designed our I.V. tracks and components to be convenient resources that can adjust to any space.

Our I.V. tracks are manufactured with anodized aluminum and are shipped with two end caps for each track. These tracks are available in three configurations:

  • Straight tracks ranging from 4 to 8 feet in length
  • U-shaped tracks measured 8x4x8 feet in length
  • Oval tracks 4x8x4x8 feet in length
  • Gravity lock 4-wheel and non-locking 4-wheel trolleys available for all track systems

Each I.V. track system can be outfitted with the following accessories:

  • 4-hook I.V. bottle holder: non-adjustable, ranging in lengths from 18-46”
  • Telescoping 4-hook I.V. bottle holder:  compressed length of 25”, fully extended to 37”
  • Deluxe adjustable I.V. bottle holder: foldable, accommodates five bottles; 25” compressed, 42” fully extended
  • Extender “S” hanger for I.V. bottle holder: polished stainless steel, available in 6”, 12”, or 24” lengths
  • Wall mount I.V. hook: stainless steel 3”x3” mount plate, 8” extension with dual hooks

Window Treatments for Medical Facilities

Privacy means more than drawing a curtain across a room. Though each Covoc medical curtain track can provide phenomenal privacy solutions throughout your hospital or medical facility, some spaces require extra privacy protection.

Covoc also manufactures exceptional window treatments designed to increase the privacy of an interior space. These window coverings are perfect for areas such as reception or waiting rooms, conference rooms, and community spaces like cafeterias or lounges.

We are happy to outfit your entire facility with any of the following window treatments:

  • Manual and motorized window shades
  • Horizontal mini blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Draperies

Medical Curtain Track and Privacy Curtain Accessories  

Covoc is your reliable destination for custom privacy solutions. From our medical curtain track to our room darkening curtains and valences, we have a full line of high-quality products and accessories that will stylishly cater to any space. Don’t allow your patient’s privacy to be compromised. Let Covoc provide your hospital with our custom, made to order medical curtain tracks and accessories.