Privacy Curtains for All Business

As one of our many industry-leading privacy solutions, Covoc cubicle curtains are manufactured with the latest technology. Each product is a stylish, high-quality privacy-enhancing tool that is easy to use and creates a comfortable environment for individuals across a variety of spaces. If your business is in need of a durable, attractive and innovative privacy solution, we invite you to browse our unrivaled selection of versatile privacy curtain track systems and accessories.

Choosing Privacy Curtains for Your Business

Choosing curtains to enhance the privacy of your professional space is easy. Covoc’s step-by-step process allows you to pick the curtain that caters to your unique business needs, choose the color or pattern of the curtain and size it to perfectly fit any space.

Step 1: Identifying Which Privacy Curtains You Need

To select the right privacy curtains, you must identify the needs of your designated space. What needs must your cubicle curtains meet?

  • Are they needed to enhance patient privacy within a medical facility? Anti-microbial curtains are perfect for hospitals, private practices and clinics.
  • Do you want to install curtains around your office space to increase employee productivity? Our eco-friendly Quick Ship curtains will do the trick.
  • Does your school require dozens of affordable and durable privacy or shower curtains for the gymnasium locker rooms and showers? Our disposable curtains are perfect for settings that will see heavy usage.  

No matter your business, Covoc cubicle curtains are the perfect privacy solution for any space.

Hospital Curtains and Track Systems

Covoc hospital curtain tracks and hardware are essential tools used in medical facilities of every sort. While many patients may prefer the company that comes with sharing their hospital room with another patient, these popular setups can create a lack of privacy for both parties.

Our privacy curtain systems help alleviate this problem by offering both patients an easy way to increase their individual privacy. With this enclosure, patients can sleep or change privately, share quality time with their friends and family or speak discretely with their nurses or physician.

The bright light from the hospital hallway or neighboring patient can also be an inconvenience. Our room darkening curtains increase privacy and effectively block light from entering a space. You can easily add a valence to these curtains to achieve a stronger room darkening effect.

Privacy Curtains for Schools

Covoc privacy curtain track systems are great resources that can be applied to any educational setting. From covering art supplies and toy shelves in kindergartens to concealing biology equipment and chemistry supplies in high school science labs, cubicle curtains are effective installations for keeping classroom materials safely stored and readily accessible.

Our privacy and shower curtains are also ideal for the locker room and gymnasium showers. As more and more schools do away with open showers, individual showers are being installed to give students a private space to bathe. Body-conscious students and concerned parents no longer have to feel apprehensive about their children showering with a group of classmates.

These cubicle curtains will also provide discretion for students with disabilities while the staff helps the students change their clothing in the locker room. Covoc continues to help schools across the country by providing quality privacy curtain track systems for students in need.

Step 2: Select the Curtain Material, Style & Fabrics

Now that you know the type of curtain that will provide the greatest benefit to your business, you can determine which material, style, and fabric options will meet the needs of your space. All of our high-quality cubicle curtains are:

  • NFPA 701 compliant
  • Made with 100% inherently flame retardant polyester fabrics
  • Easily washable

Anti-Microbial: Our anti-microbial fabrics are Aegis Impact Antimicrobial treated.

Eco-Friendly: Our eco-friendly fabrics are Greenguard Gold Certified.

Solid Color Fabric Options: Allegro; Cubi-Cloth; Enliven; Impact; New Shadow Cube; Shangri-La; Sidestep

Patterned Fabric Options: Argo; Bead; Chantilly; Coral Sea; Lynx; On The Dot; River Birch; Sand Dollar; Sparkler; Sprout; Trellis; Ultra; Verona

Disposable Curtains: Cubicle curtains can become easily contaminated or damaged in a variety of settings. Disposable curtains are useful solutions for spaces that will experience heavy usage and are available in packs of 30.

Quick Ship Curtain Fabrics: Quick Ship curtains can be shipped in four business days and are available in the following color options: Sundance Bluemoon; Sundance Graphite; Sundance Mink; Sundance Taupe.

Step 3: Customizing Curtain Details

Next, you’ll need to specify the size, style, and color of your curtains. You also have the opportunity to choose additional features, like batons or beads, and increase your order quantity. 

Width: Measure the length of your room from wall to wall or from end to end of your intended space. We recommend you select a curtain size at least 10% wider than your track size.

Height: Measure the height of your space from the ceiling straight down to the floor.

Style: Curtains are available with or without mesh headings. Our white or beige colored mesh headings meet fire code requirements when fire sprinklers are present. Curtain with a mesh heading reaching a height of 96” will include 68” of fabric and 28” of mesh.

Colors: Each of our solid and patterned curtain fabric variants are available in color options ranging from bright hues to subtle tones.

Additional Features: You may also add on tie bands or batons. Tie bands are made from matching fabric and are flat with grommets in the center and a Velcro tab on each end.

Covoc Privacy Curtains for All Businesses

Covoc cubicle curtain track systems, accessories and hardware have been successfully integrated into nearly 50,000 medical facilities and educational centers in over 20 countries. Decades of experience providing custom-made privacy solutions has made Covoc an industry-leading specialist that continues to enhance the privacy of professionals, patients and students around the world.  

Whether you have a team of employees putting in a hard day’s work at their cubicles or need to meet the privacy needs of hundreds of patients admitted to your hospital, these individuals require a level of privacy that must be met. Covoc privacy curtains are the ideal privacy solution for medical facilities throughout every sector, providing a stylish yet functional privacy tool that is easy to use.