Cubicle Curtain Care

Care instructions for your cubicle curtain

Laundering cubicle curtains:

Machine wash in water not to exceed 160° F. using Synthetic setting and mild detergent. DO NOT use bleach or fabric softener. DO NOT USE EXTRACT CYCLE. 30 second spin cycle may be used to remove excess moisture. Remove load immediately.

Drying cubicle curtains:

Tumble dry 3-5 minutes on Synthetic cycle in temperatures below 110° F. until damp dry. Remove immediately.

Finishing cubicle curtains:

Recommend a light touch-up with a hand iron, not to exceed 275° F. No finishing is required if fabric is re-hung immediately following drying cycle.

Avoid prolonged contact with heat

Care instructions for your shower curtain

Machine wash in water not to exceed 105o F. using gentle cycle and mild detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach.

Hang Dry.

For maintenance in place, rinse with warm to hot water and wipe with soft sponge.