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 Covoc Blackout Curtains Are Ideal for Hospitals, Hotels, Universities, and Even Your Home

Most of our blackout curtains are not sold for residential settings, but rather for institutions. In truth, they are perfectly appropriate for both uses. So why the difference? In residential settings, people generally prioritize a particular pattern or aesthetic, where institutions prioritize craftsmanship, durability, functionality, and fire/bacteria resistance. We may not have a wide variety of patterns, but we do have some of the highest quality, most functional, best light blocking curtains on the market. What sets a blackout curtain apart from another type of curtain is that, besides guaranteeing superior privacy, this room darkening curtain also has the ability to almost completely block out exterior light for a better night’s sleep.   blackout-curtain-pic.jpg

When choosing drapery, don’t settle just any brand you find. With the plethora of options available out there, you want the products that are going to hold up and look great for years and years. Covoc is a brand that is synonymous with high quality curtains. Why choose Covoc over all of the other manufacturers? Well, the following are the seven main reasons why choosing Covoc is a smart move:

  • Competitive Prices

Each Covoc blackout curtain is competitively priced, with prices starting at $110.00. These are direct from the manufacturer prices you can’t find on this level of quality anywhere else. You are getting a great value on a quality product that will function for years and years.

  • Hard to Find Sizes

Covoc also offers curtains in different sizes, including very large curtains. Working so often for institutions, we have been filling the need for oversized curtains for years. You can get sizes as small as 66-inches wide x 72-inches high, as large as 282-inches wide x 120-inches high, and just about everything in between. When making your order, simply choose a size, along with your preferred color and style, and stop the hunt for drapery for your oversized windows.

  • Sturdy and Durable

Covoc understands that no matter how affordable your curtains are, no one is happy with the prospect of buying the same product over and over again. As a buyer, you want a high-quality product that will be sturdy and durable. This is what you get when you choose a Covoc blackout curtain, as each one is made from 100% durable polyester weave, designed for the use and abuse often found at hospitals, clinics, hotels, and universities. This material is not only capable of withstanding daily abuse, but it is also flame resistant. Curtains from Covoc are rated for nursing home and hospital fire inspections, among the most stringent ratings you can achieve. What’s more, Covoc curtains are backed by a warranty and our great reputation…a reputation that has been built one happy customer at a time.

  • Large Selection of Colors

Covoc has a product to match your style and complement your décor. This is because our curtains are available in a huge color pallet, and the bold, one color design is compatible with a wide variety of decor.

  • Made in the USA

All Covoc products are proudly made in the USA. We believe in American workers and in American innovation. We believe that America can still make the finest products in the world at an affordable price. We are proud to be a family-owned firm that creates jobs right here in the USA.

Benefits of a Blackout Curtain

Besides the two obvious benefits - increased privacy and light control - there are various other benefits of installing blackout curtains at your home or institution. They include:

  • Protection against sun damage: A blackout curtain typically blocks out more than 99.9% of harmful UV rays from the sun. This helps protect your furniture, upholstery and floors from sun damage and fading.
  • Thermal insulation and comfort: Due to the thick composition of the fabric, these curtains can help keep the temperatures inside the house at tolerable levels. They help keep the house cool during summer and warm during winter and have an amazing effect on drafty windows.
  • Energy Savings: Due to the insulation they provide, these types of curtains lessen the demands on your heating and cooling system. With blackout curtains, your energy bill could be reduced by up to 25 percent if you have particularly drafty windows.
  • Noise insulation: Besides having thermal insulation capability, these curtains also have sound dampening properties. This means that they efficiently reduce unwanted street noises, and even help absorb some internal noises, for a quieter, more peaceful environment. This has lead to applications in unexpected places, such as universities using them for sound deadening in common spaces, theaters using them to improve acoustics, and corporations using them as sound absorbing cubicle curtains.

How to Use Blackout Curtains

blackout curtain in homehese types of curtains can be used on a wide variety of places, including homes, hotels, hospitals, photo studios, universities, and cinema halls, among others. Let’s take a look at the usefulness of a blackout curtain in each of these settings:

Application in Hospitals and Clinics

These types of curtains can be used in hospital, clinics and nursing homes. Besides being used as room darkening curtains in waiting rooms, these types of curtains can be used as room divider curtains in hospital rooms, nursing homes and clinics to provide patients with privacy when receiving health care.

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities require curtains that are designed to adhere to a high standard of health and safety. The fact that Covoc curtains are anti-microbial makes them quite ideal for hospitals. Furthermore, their curtains can also be used for many purposes at the hospital. They can be used as darkening curtains, privacy curtains, cubical curtains, and shower curtains. They enhance sound dampening and reduce draftiness. All of these factors add up to a more peaceful and restful environment for patients. Hospitals and clinics know from years of experience that they can rely on Covoc to provide the best value for all of their drapery and curtain track system needs.

Application in Hotels

One of the important aspects that effect how guests feel about their stay in a hotel is the quality of sleep they are able to get. The probability of repeat business from guests who were not able to get enough sleep is low. Light and noise are two factors that greatly affect quality of sleep.

Blackout curtains help solve the light issue, as they can efficiently block light, either from the sun or from nearby street lights and other sources. They also provide an increased level of sound deadening. Since many hotel guests don’t usually treat hotel rooms with the same care and attention they give to their homes, it is imperative to choose high quality curtains that are going to withstand a lot of tugging and twisting. Covoc curtains will stand up to a lot of use and abuse.

Application in Offices

Blackout curtains offer a wide range of benefits to offices. In bigger office spaces, reflected sound can augment the level of background noise and become problematic. The good thing about a blackout curtain is that it can dampen reflected sound and bring a sense of calm to an office space. 

Offices often have very large windows, which can lead to energy inefficiencies. In places that are vulnerable to the dreaded “afternoon sun bake” or winter heat loss, these types of window coverings can offer an economic benefit by boosting insulation. Since a significant percentage of heat and air conditioning is usually lost through the windows, this type of drapery can offer a very stylish solution. By creating an insulated heat loss barrier that keeps office spaces warmer in winter, and cooler in summer, these types of window coverings help reduce heating costs in an eco-friendly way.

In modern offices, computer screens and presentation areas are usually in regular use. Glare from overhead street lights and from the sun can be frustrating. Adjusting screens and moving around to get better viewing angles can be annoying and time consuming. Room darkening curtains can help solve these problems conveniently as they can effectively prevent reflections regardless of the angle of the sunlight.

Application in Photography Studios

From small in-home photography studios to large corporate studios, light control is crucial. This makes blackout curtains perfect for photography studios. Unlike shaded window stickers, these curtains are more versatile as they can be moved when not in use. This is one of the better, and sometimes overlooked application for these curtains. Please note that to be totally effective a valence is typically required to prevent light from seeping in on the top, and that curtains should extend well past the edges of the window.

Application in Science Labs

Schools, universities, and research centers can also realize the benefits of a strategically placed blackout curtain. This is because these types of curtains are also ideal for science labs where experiments with light are conducted, or where UV exposure could ruin the experiment. Please note that to be totally effective a valence is typically required to prevent light from seeping in on the top, and that curtains should extend well past the edges of the window. Scientific laboratories that use data projectors may also benefit from these curtains as they provide a reasonable blackout capability.

Application in Homes

There are various rooms where blackout curtains can prove to be extremely useful. They include:

  1. Bedrooms: The bedroom is the first room you think of where privacy and room darkening are needed. Everyone wants a bedroom undisturbed by outside noises and not filled with light at the crack of dawn. These types of curtains can also be ideal for bedrooms that overlook the streets, as their light-blocking capability can help block the light coming from the street lights and passing cars’ headlights.
  2. Nurseries and Infant Rooms: To ensure that young babies sleep peacefully during the day, it is best to create a dark, quiet environment for them. Blackout curtains are very effective in blocking out the light, thus allows babies to sleep. Furthermore, these curtains are effective at dampening surround noise, thus help the babies to sleep without outside disturbances.
  3. Media Rooms: A completely dark room allows for a great viewing experience, which makes these types of curtains ideal for home theater or TV rooms. A well-placed blackout curtain can also improve the acoustics of the room, allowing your surround sound to achieve maximum effectiveness.

People who work at night and those with young kids know how difficult getting enough sleep during the day can sometimes be. Having curtains that can create an environment that is conducive for sleep, (i.e. dark and quiet) is something that they can really appreciate. A Covoc blackout curtain or two may be what the doctor ordered.

Other Applications

  • They can be beneficial to educational and examination facilities. They can be used as exam room curtains to isolate test takers.
  • They can also be used in sleep study labs.
  • They can also be utilized in airport security to create privacy areas.


Whether you want to achieve privacy or light control, a blackout curtain can certainly be a valuable investment for your home, office, hotel, hospital, photo studio or anywhere else. The secret to getting high quality drapery is choosing those that are made by a reputable manufacturer. Covoc is a family-owned company that is renowned for its high quality and eco-friendly products. You can check out our blackout curtains that come in different colors and styles to choose the one that matches your style.