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Room Darkening Curtains

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Our room darkening curtains are designed to provide a stylish and functional solution to light and privacy issues.

Our room darkening curtains are extremely efficient for blocking light and helping to maintain privacy. With a large selection of colors and with Covoc’s ability to make the curtains any size you

The “Veil” pattern is a room darkening fabric. It is made from 100% durable polyester weave. It is inherently flame resistant and washable.

We offer sizes of room darkening curtains from 66" wide x 72" high up to 282" wide x 120" high that can be ordered online. Simply select a size, along with your preferred your color and style, then click on "ORDER."

PLEASE NOTE: This curtain is room darkening. It will NOT provide complete blackout. Consider adding a valance to enhance the room darkening effect.

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