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Hospital Curtains

We offer a broad range of hospital curtains to fit every need and use, with many colors and patterns to choose from.

All of our hospital curtains are:

    • 100% inherently flame retardant polyester fabrics
    • NFPA 701 compliant
    • designed for healthcare use
    • completely washable

Our hospital-style cubicle curtains, also known as cubicle curtains, are made with or without mesh heading. Grommets at the heading are spaced every 6" on center. Standard mesh is 20" white or beige mesh, with 1/2" diagonal hole to meet Fire Code.

Hospital curtains are fabricated flat and generally sized approximately 10% wider than the track length. The curtain height is determined by the floor-to-ceiling height, and curtains usually finish approximately 12" above the floor.

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